Who we are

Choosing the name BASI Comunicanti is borrowed from the life sciences and the ecology of complex systems.
A network of contacts where, like fractals, nodes grow in size, space, and emotions.

The biochemist and writer Isac Asimov in ‘Genetic Code’ tells us that atoms are the letters and that molecules are the words.
The words that make up DNA are the basics.
The four basics of life are organized into a network structure that can transmit,
change when it learns new information, accepts contaminations.
Our network also has these features.
The evolution of a living organism, however, is casual, the cultural one is the result of a collective process.

Together, with creativity and innovation, we can solve problems and implement strategies.
Like the stones forming the bridge arch, anyone who joins the BASI Communicating network
is not a customer or a buyer, but is part of a creative process that achieves precise goals.

What we do

BASI comunicanti deals with:

Press office

Meeting & educational

Cross-media communication

Social media curation

Direct mail marketing

Public institutional relationship

Marketing stategies

New products





Science & Biodiversity

Media & Social

Health & Research



Communicating, exchanging information,
providing insights and suggestions are essential actions to share, make known and discover.
To do this you need to get involved, establishing a relationship of mutual trust.
BASI Communicating’s goal is to facilitate these exchanges, entertain dynamic relationships,
tackle any obstacles and offer possible solutions.


BASI Comunicanti
di Silvia Baglioni

Via Genova 488/H
19123 La Spezia

Tel: (+39) 3398270724
Mail: info@basicomunicanti.it